Wednesday, September 14, 2016


They had same route and had same timing on the road. Aakash used bulletbike where as Chhya used scooty.
Everyday the motorbike used to pass so near to scooty that Chhaya used to literally tremble with the sound of bullet bike.
One day, she lost the control of the scooty and felt on the road. Aakash quickly stopped his bike and took her to the hospital and finally to home. they exchanged telephone number and then ,,, they fell in love ,,,


Chhaya said ' when will you go to Guthuk Party wearing Bakkhu?' 
She was soothing 2 months old daughter of her best friend Tshering. Tshering was smiling near her. They used to work together and share everything to each other before 8 years. 
Every year Tshering used to get excited for Guthuk: New Year Party and used to get prepared by selecting clothes especially Bakkhu, matching shoes and the company. 
 Chhaya smiled back understanding the feeling of her friend. 

Friday, September 27, 2013


Aakash and Chhaya were new parents. Their first baby was born before one year and were struggling to adjust with the new environment with baby. Some basic work was to feed baby, change diaper, change clothes and most important is to clean the baby's shit.

when cleaning the shit, aakash said one day' I need the gloves '

chhaya replied ' don't be false parent ( nakkali), be a true parent ( sakkali)'

Other day chhaya wanted to check whether her husband is thinking for second child. so she told ' why don't you earn more, so that we can have another baby'

when aakash heard this, he couldn't breath for a second and chhaya understood what her husband meant.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

life goes on...

A small double bed room with two wardrobe. one belong to husband and one belong to wife, and a drawer lies between those two. the upper part of drawer is used like table where water jug, bus card, and a printer is kept. a luggage lied near one of the wardrobe.the most important equipment of 21st century ie laptop is on the stool.

Room of a typical nepali student in UK

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

about earthquake ..

you know what ' the most fear factor to me is earthquake' one fine day, a colleague told us.
we looked at each other face ... we thought that it was the result of all the trainings which our office provide to staff..
One of the reason can be considered is .. the location of kathmandu.. the tectonic palates keep on moving .. something like that which we hear from news, frens and family
For rita, it seems a phobia ..
though she already left kathmandu, but may be the fear of earthquake is still in her mind.. because her family is there in Kathmandu..


This blog is started just to improve my english writing.. sorry if you couldn't get what i say.. i blame to my poor english.. after today i will be posting daily in this blog.. this is the outcome of my search on how to improve english writing in google. .. the first tip is to keep all my writing in one place and this is the place for me.. second one is to write anything in english daily.. here i come with full determination to improve english..